Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Howard's End. Dean just withdrew, sort of, from the race. Saw it live on CNN. Classic Dean: copious banalities, scintillatingly arrogant, self-righteous, and bordering on the slanderous. Still convinced he's the voice of the people when he's always been the scion of an extremist, privileged, entitled elite. Still convinced the "establishment" did him in, when he is the establishment in every way: the failed establishment of past Democratic swings to the psycho-Left. Still convinced he runs a "movement" and not a semi-organized gaggle of disgruntled fanatics and their college-age offspring. Still loud, still hateful, still petty, nasty, and ungracious. Bye Howard, you sullied your party and the presidential race, defamed the president, and, in the end, no one voted for you anyways. I wont miss you. I doubt anyone else will either.