Thursday, January 29, 2004

World's Dumbest Self-Hating Jew Continues Slandering the President. I don't know what's worse, Eric Alterman or Eric Alterman's writing:

The Wall Street Journal thinks David Kay’s report is on its side. They don’t read very well. What David Kay is really saying is ... drumroll please, Saddam Hussein was disarmed ... by ... Bill Clinton! We just didn't know it. And we apparently didn’t need to keep bombing him all that time, particularly in 1998. But we sure as hell didn’t need that war. Anyway, here it is.

Actually, what Kay said was that Saddam wasn't disarmed and that we did need the war, specifically on the issues which the president said we did: the possibility of Saddam acquiring WMDs (which Kay says he never stopped doing) and selling them to terror groups. In other words, when Alterman isn't obsessionally slandering Andrew Sullivan he's lying through his teeth about the president of the United States in childishly awful prose. Gross.


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