Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Why I'm So Glad I Live in Israel. Ah, the beautiful people:

I wish the Cambridge Forum and the ART much success in staging this wonderful work of hate. I am sure there are members of the Cambridge booboisie who will pay the top ticket price of $300 to finance more bile like this. I wish only that the sponsors wouldn't tout their production as "controversial." There is nothing controversial about pandering to an audience's bigotry and narrow-mindedness. A controversial play would place Ariel Sharon's late wife onstage with the souls of the dead Palestinian children her husband's armed forces have killed. But who would pay $300 to see that?

Great. Bashing Leftwing degeneracy by recommending anti-Semitism as a substitute. That's Boston for you.

...for what I really think of the subject of this article click here.


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