Monday, February 09, 2004

Forebodings. From the NY Times:

There is considerable evidence, Democratic campaign aides said, that people are voting for Mr. Kerry even if they do not agree with him on some positions, and even if they have not particularly warmed to this gawky Northeasterner. This also shows the extent to which fierce anti-Bush sentiment is shaping this presidential election for Democrats.

Mr. Trippi said he believed that the new voters Dr. Dean had drawn into the system would stay with the Democratic Party, no matter who wins the nomination. "It's now obvious to everybody that there is huge energy within the party because of the desire to get rid of Bush at the grass roots," he said. "So people, regardless of which candidate they were motivated by to get in, will stay in."

I think its becoming clear that what we're about to see is not just a dirty, divisive campaign, but the single most violent, aggressive, semi-psychotic campaign of derision and slander ever directed towards a sitting president of the United States. This is going to make what the Liberal Establishment did to Nixon look tame. Its already begun with Dean's hateful conspiracy theories and Kerry's hypocritical lies about the president's service record. As for the grassroots, they've simply gone insane, nothing matters to them, including their own country's welfare, outside of destroying Bush. The reason: the Democrats have bought their Leftwing's propaganda to such an extent that they actually believe Bush is the moral equivalent of Hitler. I am not looking forward to this.


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