Saturday, February 07, 2004

A French Conscience Speaks. From a fascinating interview with French-Jewish intellectual Alain Finkielkraut:

...multiculturalism is a chimera. This charm, of the various identities, is not real. What, in fact, is replacing assimilation? Is there really such a thing, a carousel of identities, as the elite is trying to convince us? Is there really a possibility that all the cultures will be of equal worth and leave equal space for one another? In fact the opposite is happening: Anyone who doesn't want to assimilate, anyone who doesn't make an effort to learn the language and become part of French culture and the French heritage - French culture assimilates into his identity. And this is already evident in the schools and on the street - that children aren't speaking French, but rather a jargon composed of Arabic words and meager French. There is always a culture that emerges victorious. In no society is there a vacuum. But this would not be grave were it not a part of this trend, which wants to obliterate France and its values entirely.

I certainly concur with that. Multiculturalists cannot grasp that, just as complete equality of individuals is impossible, so is complete equality of collectivities. I must say, some of the best critiques of Leftist anti-Semitism have been from Leftists of conscience themselves. Multiculturalism may yet become the God that Failed for our times. Read it all.