Thursday, February 05, 2004

America's Dumbest Self-Hating Jew Continues Making an Ass of Himself. From Eric "I can't think, talk, or write, but it doesn't matter 'cos I'm a Leftist" Alterman:

ABC News lies for Bush: Here is the direct quote from Sunday night’s broadcast, thanks to Todd Gitlin: “Reporters investigating Mr. Bush's military career found that, while he missed some weekends of training, he later made up for them and was eventually honorably discharged.” That sentence is a falsehood. In fact, as I explained in Newsday, only one reporter, the Boston Globe’s Walter V. Robinson, investigated the charge with any kind of probity and he found that Bush missed not “weekends of training” but approximately eighteen months. A May 2, 1973, Annual Performance Report noted that he has "not been observed at this unit" during the previous year and could not be evaluated.

Unfortunately, its the Josef Goebbels of the necro-Left who's the liar:

It's time to set the record straight . . . . Bush may have received favorable treatment to get into the Guard, served irregularly after the spring of 1972 and got an expedited discharge, but he did accumulate the days of service required of him for his ultimate honorable discharge.

The New York Times reported Nov. 3, 2000:

But a review of records by The New York Times indicated that some of those concerns (about Bush's absence) may be unfounded . . . . A review by The Times showed that after a seven-month gap, he appeared for duty in late November 1972 at least through July 1973.

Now, one would think that most sensible people would greet any statement by Todd Gitlin, former head of the neo-Nazi Leftist group Students for a Democratic Society (more widely known by the nickname of its terrorist splinter group, the Weather Underground), with a grain of salt. Things become clearer, if you scroll up you can see Alterman praising I.F. Stone and Edward Said for their "decency". Considering that Stone and Said spent most of their lives in praise of slaughtering as many innocent people as possible in the name of fanatical political ideologies (Said on the dime of the PLO, and Stone the aforementioned Weathermen), Alterman's blubbering credulity can hardly be surprising. I do find it interesting that this self-appointed arbiter of America's righteousness can only tear himself away from his semi-homoerotic obsession with Bruce Springsteen to speak in praise of psychotic apologists for mass murder, terrorism, and political evil. Thanks Eric, I'll take the president's word for it.