Thursday, January 29, 2004

Neo-Nazi Leftist Distorts, Lies, Blubbers Incoherently. More evidence for the prosecution:

Meanwhile he claims that the paranoid vision of “Marxist-controlled” universities is “comical” but not limited to the “totalitarian right,” noting a New York Times Book Review article written by a person Chomsky describes a “respected liberal intellectual historian” (identified in the footnotes as John Patrick Diggins) that also argues that Marxism “has come close to being the dominant ideology in the academic world.” Yet rather than analyze or and refute the arguments made by this “respected liberal intellectual,” Chomsky simply dismisses them as “so remote from reality as to defy rational discussion.” Many points that contradict Chomsky’s views are discarded that way.

Read it all. Includes a brilliant deconstruction of how Chomsky "documents" his Nazi propaganda. What amazes me is how obvious it is that everything he's writing is balderdash. No wonder all his acolytes are teaching at major universities.


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