Tuesday, July 01, 2003

The BBC has been banned in Israel and about frickin' time too. Here's one of the many good reasons why:

"As a result of the BBC becoming a global
broadcaster, a policy developed for our
international journalism, is now increasingly
applicable to our domestic journalism. This
suggests that we should become less rather than
more ready to label particular people as
"terrorists." We have to decide on our own use
of language according to our own principles. It
would be wrong for us to allow the terminology
we use to be determined by the legal
definitions adopted by some states. We prefer
to use neutral language where the political
legitimacy of particular actions is hotly

This is from the BBC's #2 man, Richard Sambrook. I have seen no finer encapsulation of the suffocating arrogance and incompetance of the media today. They answer to no code, no ethic, no morality, no values except their own "policy" of fairness and neutrality. And who defines that policy? Why, them of course. How do these people sleep at night?


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