Sunday, June 29, 2003


The brilliant Daniel Pipes, who is one of the few scholars of the Middle East not co-opted by Edward Said-style neo-Nazi Arab supremacism, has been nominated to the Institute of Peace, which is a government institute that studies and generates policy on the Middle East. As per usual the neo-Nazi Left within and without academia are trying to kill the nomination on the basis that Pipes is - surprise! - a racist. Needless to say, as I think you can see from his website, it is Pipe's antagonists, and not the man himself, who are the real racists. Pipes has committed the cardinal sin of taking an objective, critical view of Islam and not blaming all its problems on Israel or the United States. For this, the neo-Nazi Left intend to destroy him. Don't let them. A petition is circulating here in support of the nomination and I fully recommend signing it and asking your friends to do so as well. I also recommend sending a supportive email to the president and vice-president at:

They say you can judge a man's worth by his enemies and if this is true than Pipes is a very valuable scholar indeed. I strongly urge you to help deal the academic Left a defeat it most sorely deserves.


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