Monday, June 30, 2003

The real global story is not "anti-Americanism," but perhaps a growing American weariness with strident allies and the braggadocio of pathetic Middle Eastern despotisms. If I were a functionary of the European Union, I would either have an emergency meeting right now to explore ways of stemming a rising, grassroots tide of Middle America's anger against Europe or alternatively allot 400 or 500 billion Euros per annum for its own unilateral and collective defense. We in America are waiting for sober Europeans to question their current frightening leadership that came of age in 1968, but now shrug that the Schroeders, Fischers, and Villepins may not be so aberrant after all. The EU, remember, is now being asked by Mr. Abbas on the West Bank to stop subsidizing Hamas.

So in response, what should we do?

Keep quieter and carry a far bigger stick. Methodically and politely transfer, redeploy, and reduce troops from countries that have opposed our efforts of the past two years or whose populations simply profess no overt support for the United States. Seek real friends — the fewer the better — in Eastern Europe, on the Black Sea, or around the Gulf who want American troops as a reflection of genuine mutual security needs, appreciate the economic stimulus such bases provide, and quite simply like the United States.

The extraordinary Victor Davis Hanson in NRO. I strongly advise you to read the whole thing. I agree completely, America needs a new Declaration of Independence, from the entangling alliances we made five decades ago to defend ourselves against a totalitarian power which no longer exists. Its a new world, and we should adjust our foreign policy accordingly or risk the possiblity that "Old" Europe will drag us down with it. We should do everything in our power not to join them in their psychotic experiment with beaurocratic totalitarianism.


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