Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Action: Cambridge, Mass.
Received via e-mail:


On Tuesday, July 1, at 6:30 pm, there will be a demonstration at 51 Inman Street, Cambridge (behind Cambridge City Hall, between Harvard St and Mass. Ave). ISM is meeting in the Peace Commission offices at 7:00.

We will protest the support by Massachusetts taxpayers of a group that endorses and supports terrorism.

More info given below.


International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a group of socialist estremists that supports Palestinian terrorism by sending "peace" activists, some of whom are currently under indictment in Israel for shielding known terrorists from arrest. ISM is explicit in its support for the Palestinian right to commit terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. Although several ISM activists are now under indictment for
shielding terrorists from arrest, the group denies that its support for terrorism goes beyond the verbal.

The city of Cambridge has a Peace Commission that supports ISM in various ways, including allowing the group to hold its regular meetings in the Peace Commission's city-owned offices.

The Director of the Cambridge Peace Commission, Cathy Hoffman, is quite open about her belief that the Palestinians should be supported in their liberation struggle and that they have a right to use terrorism in that struggle. Hoffman is a salaried employee of the City of Cambridge.


1. If you live in the Boston area, try to join the protest.

2. Spread this message to others who might participate.

If you can I fully recommend attending this protest. These people are sick, vile Nazis who need to be stopped. It is nothing less than monstrous that they are being supported with taxpayer money.


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