Wednesday, June 04, 2003

They have never known the humiliation of living under the iron rule of an Islamic despotism. I have. They have never tasted the cruel bitterness of forced silence in the shadows of a dictatorship. I have. They have never seen the face of evil. I have. For I was born and raised in Syria, the country enslaved by Hafez El-Assad. I was one of the fortunate victims of this tyranny because my family was able to emigrate to American a land of freedom. Yet in the free universities of this country legitimacy is bestowed on the very forces that oppress my former countrymen and I am instructed to be compassionate towards my own oppressors and to be hostile to the country that has liberated me.

The refugees from the USSR experianced largely the same thing. Totalitarianism is totalitarianism, and the Left has always supported it and demonized its victims who were courageous enough to escape its clutches and tell the bitter truth about it. Bastards.