Friday, May 30, 2003

There is a great new blog bashing Noam Chomsky here. I think it is obvious that the good professor is gaining a higher and higher profile in the media. A new film of interviews with him is now in video stores and there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the Leftist media to legitimize him - Holocaust denial notwithstanding. He will be appearing on C-Span's Book TV on Sunday in an "In-Depth" interview, advertised in none other then the NY Times. I think its high time we started standing up to this guy before his friends in the media manage to make into someone who's actually taken seriously as a thinker on foreign policy. I am going to send the following email to Book TV objecting to the show, feel free to cut and paste, adjust whatever words you like and send it yourself. The address is

To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that your network will shortly be airing an "In-Depth" interview with Noam Chomsky, whom you describe as a "linguist and activist" in your New York Times advertisement of May 30th. I am deeply offended and angry that you have chosen to give such prominence and legitimacy to such a man. Mr. Chomsky is a violently anti-American and anti-semitic ideologue who has, amongst other intellectual atrocities, denied the slaughter of 3 million Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge dictatorship (including accusing the refugees from the genocide, many of whom had lost their entire families, of being politically motivated liars), slandered Israel as a "Nazi state", accused America of being "the world's leading terrorist nation", defended Holocaust Denial as legitimate "revisionist" scholarship, openly collaborated with European fascist groups who are violently anti-semitic, claimed that Judaism is a genocidal religion, and declared himself a partisan of every declared enemy of the United States, from the North Vietnamese to the Sandanista communist regime.
Mr. Chomsky is also well known for his shoddy scholarship and deliberate distortion of facts, quotes, and dates in order to force history to conform with his ideology. Perhaps the most blatent example of this was his claim, post-9/11, that the US was planning to commit a "silent genocide" in Afghanistan, his projected body count going up with each lecture, from 3 million to 8 million to 10 million. Clearly, Mr. Chomsky has never allowed truth to interfere with his rock-solid belief in America's inherent evil.
Unfortunately, your program has chosen to grant a forum and legitimacy to this pseudo-intellectual hatemonger. Millions of people may watch this program unaware of the truth behind his ugly and ignoble career. This is a disservice both to your viewers and to intellectual discourse in America. Would you allow David Duke to propound his racist beliefs on the air before millions? Would you permit Robert Faurission and his denial of the Holocaust (endorsed by your own Mr. Chomsky) to grace your stage? I dont know for certain, but I think not. Why then is a man who's ideology is no less ugly and no more defensible than their's given, not only a stage, but an in-depth interview complete with advertisement in the New York Times?

Respectfully Yours,