Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I knew that Beeman's slander was on the way at least a week before it arrived, because there was a little announcement on Gary Sick's web page — which goes out to Middle East hands that share Beeman's and Sick's fondness for the tyrannical regime in Tehran — saying that Beeman was looking for dirt on me, and anyone in possession of damaging material on any aspect of my life should send it on to Beeman. Gary Sick was the creator of one of the most monstrous hoaxes in recent American political history, the myth of the "October Surprise," according to which the Reagan electoral team used secret back channels to the Iranian regime to prevent the release of the American hostages in order to win the 1980 election against Jimmy Carter. After an exhaustive investigation, the whole thing was found baseless. Today, Sick — remarkably enough, a professor at Columbia University — does all he can to help Iran's leaders gain friends in the United States.

From a Michael Ledeen article at National Review Online. Not at all surprising that the neo-Nazi Left is seeking to engage in a slander campaign against its opponents. I've been saying for years that the more marginalized the Left becomes the more dirty they are going to fight. The academic Left knows they are losing the argument and the larger ideological war. And, as they always have, when they can no longer argue, or even lie effectively, they turn to violence both rhetorical and inevitably physical to pick up the slack. Brace up folks, this is only going to get worse.


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