Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Along with this, I must recommend Albert Camus' The Rebel, with which Berman deals extensively in his book. This is a stunning philosophical exploration of the origins of the revolutionary idea and ethos, and an equally stunning indictment of it. Although Camus is known as a man of the Left, I for one could not view this work as anything other then a total rejection of revolution itself. Camus essentially concludes that the destruction of the basic structures and stictures of society ends inevitably in tyranny and murder. I don't know if Camus became disillusioned with revolutionary ideas or ever expressed such thoughts publicily, he certainly does not offer a positive alternative (such as conservatism) to his excoriation of rebellion, but this is an indispensible deconstruction of the architecture of the revolutionary mindset, and more important to read today then perhaps ever before.


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