Friday, June 06, 2003

Susan Sontag thinks Rachel Corrie was a hero.

Corrie, the 23-year-old "human shield" who was accidentally killed last March when she obstructed an Israel Defense Forces bulldozer engaged in tunnel- and mine-clearing operations near the Israel/Egypt border, was an "emblematic figure of sacrifice," says Sontag in the May 5 issue of The Nation.

Actually, the sacrifice Corrie emblematized was that of others -- the victims of violence that she facilitated. She dedicated her life to protecting tunnels used to smuggle weapons and bombs from Egypt into Gaza. The elaborate structures, dug from inside homes under living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms and often outfitted with electricity, elevators and communications equipment, serve as a means to the murders of Israeli civilians.

Corrie was acting on behalf of the radical Arab-led International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a group dedicated to "resistance" against "the occupation of Palestine." In her diary, Corrie writes sympathetically of the killing of Israelis by Arab terrorists. "[T]ry to imagine, please," she gushes, "the courage it requires."

And this is the Left that presumes to aggrandize treason in the name of a higher morality. Read the whole, sordid tale. The ISM is the Left in a nutshell, in the name of equality it endorses genocidal racism, in the name of courage it waxes poetic over the slaughter of innocent people, in the name of justice it facilitates the murder of innocents. They are the bastard offspring of all the Orwellian evils of the 20th century Left, and its high time they were exposed for what they truly are.


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