Thursday, June 05, 2003

In fact, the "new anti-Semitism" hasn't shown up
yet on the streets in Britain. Instead, it has
taken hold in loftier places. For this reason and
others the phenomenon in evidence may be more
accurately termed Judeophobia - a fear of, and
hostility toward Jews as a collectivity, rather
than the propagation of the racial ideologies of
the old anti-Semitism. Not widespread in "Middle
England" at the moment, it nevertheless resides
among certain "cognitive elites" within the news
media, churches, universities, and trades unions.
It is a mindset characterized by an obsession
with, and vilification of, the State of Israel,
and Jews in general, in the case of Britain, as a
consequence of their strong sense of attachment
to Israel. Today's Judeophobia is an assault on
the essence of the Jewish collectivity, both in
terms of a Jewish sovereign state in its ancient
homeland, and the nature of robust, emancipated,
and self-aware Diaspora communities.

It is important to be clear: Criticism of Israeli
policy per se does not constitute Judeophobia.
It's not the argument that hurts, it's the way
it's conducted. Like the fashionable trend of
critics to equate Israel to Nazi Germany. Such
language has become routine in school yards and
student protests. Calling others "Nazis" takes on
an edge, especially when directed at those
wearing a police uniform. When this happens the
term is used as the ultimate insult with little
thought to its meaning. But there can be no
excuse when this kind of sentiment is allowed to
appear in serious broadsheet newspapers such as
the Independent and Observer.

Using Holocaust imagery to describe Israeli
defense policy only compounds the hurt. It is
nothing less than a contemporary variant of
Holocaust denial and a vicious and malicious form
of group libel.

Then, too there is the singling out of Israel for
moral opprobrium because of its alleged
culpability for human and civil rights abuses in
its conflict with the Palestinians. All the while
gross violations of human and civil rights
elsewhere, particularly among its Arab enemies,
frequently go ignored and unreported.

The discriminatory outcome of this campaign of
vilification is the demonization of Israel, and
by association Jews wherever they may live. Such
demonization contributes little to constructive
dialogue over Israel's conflict with the
Palestinians. In fact, it is another obstacle on
the road to peace.

From a very interesting Haaretz article. I think it understates and underestimates the problem, but its worth reading.
The truth is that there is an inherent intolerance and, ultimately, homicidal attitude on the Left towards groups that wont get with the program. Either you get enlightened or we wipe you out, this is essentially the Left's attitude towards their opponents. At the moment, the Left sees the Jews as failing to heed the call of the Left's superior moral and intellectual, and therefore seeks to destroy them. Its Nazism, pure and simple.


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