Friday, June 27, 2003

Just about halfway through Anne Coulter's new polemic (in the best sense of the word) Treason. As per usual liberals who regularly refer to the president as a Nazi are attacking Coulter for using intemperate language, and there's no question that this book is wonderfully, gloriously violent in its condemnation. It may also mark the beginning of a serious revisionist take on Joseph McCarthy, the book (much to the horror of its few liberal readers, no doubt) is mostly a spirited, and surprisingly well argued, defense of McCarthy and McCarthyism. It points out, for instance, the unfortunate fact that McCarthy was right in nearly all his charges, as well as pointing out the supposed atmostphere of repression and suffering under his yoke has been, to say the least, grotesquely exagerrated at best and at worst simply manufactured after the fact. The left has been rewriting the history of the Cold War to suit their own ends for most of the last forty years and its high time we took our history back from the bastards who would erase their crimes and the crimes of their fellow travelers. I find it highly significant that I have yet to see a single criticism of Coulter which attacks the facts of her argument, every one of them is simply an ad hominem assault on her ferociously polemical writing style.

The book, by the way, has already passed Hillary Clinton's on the Amazon bestseller list.