Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is what I mean about liberals - even good ones - being divorced from reality:

I don't think the Democratic mood is more pervasive. For whatever reason, I dodged this bullet. I've watched it happen to the right, and now to the left. It's the same phenomenon at the same volume, only the left is less violent. Don't forget all the right-wing militia groups holed up in the mountains. Don't forget Timothy McVeigh. Not in my lifetime has the left produced armed revolutionaries plotting the actual destruction of the government and killing hundreds of people.

You mean like the Weathermen? The Black Panthers? The SDS? The SLA? What planet were you on during the sixties? Or did you just take a history class at Harvard University, which of course teaches that the Left was a peaceful, non-violent movement...until they suddenly started killing cops and housewives. Michael Totten is a smart guy and I admire his stance on the war, but this is self-pitying, propagandistic nonsense. I'll take the Rightwing nuts to task any day of the week (and some of the Clinton haters are way out there, no question), but the idea of a pure, innocent Left that never, never would - my heavens! - resort to violence to impose its ideas on its fellow citizens is unmitigated revisionist garbage. Riot, rampage and assassination have been the preferred methods of political change on the Left for two hundred years, this is fact, history, deal with it.


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