Monday, June 23, 2003

Asian Studies Professor Brett de Bary is promoting a course that he says will be “team-taught” by the Cornell Forum for Peace and Justice (CFPJ). This course will not permit students to do much critical thinking since the instructors have already reached conclusions on the major issues to be covered. The class, entitled “Empires and Imperialisms,” is being targeted to students affiliated with the CFPJ Coalition and is described by Dr. De Bary as follows:

“I'm trying to get as much information as possible from colleagues throughout the university about events that are ALREADY SCHEDULED for the Fall Term which offer critical perspectives on "Empires and Imperialisms." This can include historical and cultural analyses of prior empires and colonial regimes, as well as work on any aspect of the Bush administration's military, economic, and environmental policies, the dismantling of civil liberties, detentions and racial profiling, and so forth.”

From FrontPageMag. Wait. It gets better:

In addition to the anti-Bush course being planned, Cornell’s Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) is holding a fundraiser by selling posters that compare George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Dana Brown, CUSLAR’s Coordinator, describes the fundraiser as follows:

“Direct from Argentina, CUSLAR brings you the latest in revolutionary posters. This full color poster complete with picture of Dubya in a Hitler moustache reads: "Bush, fascista, vos sos el terrorista" (Bush, fascist, you're the terrorist"), a popular saying in Argentina these days. CUSLAR is selling full-color reproductions of this poster (11"X17") for a suggested donation of $10 (we're poor--everything is a fundraiser). Get your poster today!”

The neo-Nazi Left has so totally taken over the academy that they can't even concieve of the idea that someone might not think that George W. Bush is the moral equivalent of Hitler - so why not teach a course on it. There's only one way to deal with these people, Napoleon said it first: attack, attack, attack.