Tuesday, June 24, 2003

But anti-Americanism here is staid. Tired of theocratic hard-line rule, the people are happy to get whatever help they can from abroad. The opposition radio and satellite television are widely used even in the poorer sections of Tehran. Accusations of American backing actually have given courage to the demonstrators. Unlike the streets of Paris, Berlin or Berkeley, anti-Americanism is not fashionable in Tehran. The regime, having adopted it for the past twenty-five years since the Islamic Revolution, has beaten the life out of it.

People are encouraged by the presence of U.S. in both the East (Afghanistan) and the West (Iraq) of Iran. The influence of opposition media from abroad cannot be under-estimated. But the accusations of American meddling are exaggerated and betray a certain helplessness on the part of the rulers in the face of their mounting unpopularity. This is a spontaneous uprising coming from the university and spreading out. It is an uprising that is unorganized, without leadership or ideology. A massive protest that comes from the deep discontent and frustration of a people tired of being bullied.

This is an indigenous movement of a youth who wants individual freedom and who has finally mustered enough courage to stand up and face the knives, clubs and guns of government thugs. It is exactly the improvisational nature of the uprising that gives it weight -- it is difficult for the regime to paint it as anything but genuine and indigenous. There are no leaders to assassinate or arrest and no ideology to detract - only an ever-growing frustration that has spilled into the streets.

From an extraordinary article in The Iranian. Here's the kicker:

Can the uprising keep enough momentum to topple the regime? This is the question that is now on everyone’s mind. Several factors are crucial to the success of this uprising. One is that international pressure has to be strong enough to keep the regime from shedding too much blood. Protesters hugely welcomed remarks made by George Bush that Iran should free imprisoned demonstrators.

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An indigenous movement for freedom from tyranny! A grassroots uprising led by student activists! And what is the Left doing? Fighting it with everything they have! And welcoming the endorsment of the evil imperialist George W. Bush no less! The Iranian students are doing something beyond just toppling the world's most evil theocracy, they are exposing the neo-Nazi Left as the lying, doublespeaking hypocrites we all know and love. God bless a free Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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