Sunday, May 25, 2003

Sharon accepted the "road map" today. Whether this is of any significance or not remains to be seen, but I'm inclined to think not, since the Palestinians are and remain irredentionously committed to total control over what was once Mandatory Palestine and show no signs of releasing this ambition. Sharon probably knows this as well, but can't outright reject the road map, and frankly doesn't have nay reason to do so. If the Palestinians are serious it will calm the situation, and if they aren't its on them anyways. The major problem here is Arafat, who is about to do everything he can to deal himself back into the game, with his European lackeys carrying him all the way. Whether responsible European leaders like Tony Blair will have the guts to stand up to Arafat is anybody's guess, but recent history is not encouraging. Lacking military experience, most of the new European leaders are intimidated and somewhat entranced by men of violence - this was certainly one of Clinton's many problems - and probably can't muster the backbone to put the senile old murderer in his place.


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