Saturday, May 10, 2003

Chomsky ends his Fateful Triangle by embracing the notion of a "Samson complex." He says that the greatest trouble spot on earth, barring none, is the conflict between Israel and the Arabs. (78) The government and people of the Zionist state, he says, are basing themselves on "the genocidal texts of the Bible" (79) and may well decide to commit national suicide and final destruction of the planet by plunging the world into nuclear war. "This 'Samson complex' is not something to be taken lightly.'" (80)

Chomsky's notion of a "Samson complex," much like that of Howard Stein which we encountered earlier, is in many ways close to the medieval blood-libel against the Jewish people. Stein and Chomsky suggest, partly in so many words and partly by implication, that Jews are exceedingly dangerous beings, that they lack the human qualities of reason and mercy, and that they are possessed by a blind hatred of non-Jewish mankind. Even one of Chomsky's supporters found this Samson doctrine too extreme to swallow. (81)

The neo-Nazi Left's attitude towards Israel, in a nutshell, from its originator himself. Bastards.


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