Saturday, May 10, 2003

Faurisson is a practitioner of what might be called the Method of Crucial Source, a favorite among cranks. The Method consists of seizing upon a phrase or sentence or sometimes a longer passage from no matter where, without regard to its provenance or reliability, to "prove" a whole novel theory of history or the universe. More often than not the Source in question is a newspaper item ­­ after all, what cannot be found in some newspaper somewhere, at some time.

On the Holocaust denier Chomsky attempted to defend. The reason seems obvious to me: they practice exactly the same method of "proof". This is precisely how Chomsky attempted to "debunk" the Cambodian genocide, by selective use of unreliable sources. His Leftist audience, compelled by ideology to believe his charges anyways, simply sees the mass of accumulated footnotes and assume it all must be true. Extraordinary. Its micro-totalitarianism, the deliberate but highly skillful distortion of history for ideological purposes. Pure evil, isn't it?