Wednesday, May 07, 2003

"This war slaughtered thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqi people who had committed no crime against anyone and those deaths came on top of one of the greatest crimes in all international history - the crime of sanctions against Iraq which killed more than one million Iraqi children over 10 years.

"There are some criminals in the world and they do have a lot to answer for.

"Those crimes will be judged at the bar of history and I believe that the blood on the hands of the British and American governments will never be extinguished and will follow them to the grave and beyond."

British Labor MP George Galloway, who made millions off the suffering of the Iraqi people and served as Saddam's willing and very well paid stooge in the House of Commons. Lying hypocritical bastard, isn't he? I've said it before and i've said it again: Audit Chomsky!


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