Thursday, April 03, 2003

We are moments away from a lying, racist, America hating anti-semite becoming the latest martyr on the alter of the culture wars. He is about to become the poster boy for the Left in academia, as well as for civil libertarians and ACLUniks everywhere. Because of this, the legitimacy or illigitimacy of what he actually said is becoming irrelevant. Which is exactly what the Left wants, to change the subject from the vile and treasonous bilge that DeGenova, and they, believe and act upon, to a question of the First Amendment. This is a dangerous and hypocritical stance, they are asserting that assaulting America is valid but those who criticise such assaults should be silenced. They want First Amendment rights for themselves and no one else. As William F. Buckley put it, we have a right to counterrevolution, the Left would do well to remember that.


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