Saturday, April 19, 2003

This is a hugely important issue that has, quite simply, been resolutely ignored for 50 years. The truth is that the Jews of Islam had as long and as creative a history as the Jews of Christiandom, and the same long experience of discrimination, hatred, violence, and apartheid. They produced extraordinary poets, thinkers, philosophers, singers, musicians, and rabbis. In 1948, the Arab nations etnically cleansed their Jewish communities, expelling over 900,000 people, most of whom came to Israel. This atrocity, which wiped out Jewish life in places where it had long predated the coming of Islam, has been dispicably forgotton by a world community obsessed with appeasing the claims of the Palestinians and frightened of the Arab states economic and political power. Most of those who were expelled, their property stolen and lives destroyed, live in Israel, and they are not getting any younger. They deserve justice, and no peace agreement with the Arabs will be complete without due restitution for the crimes committed by the Arab states against their own Jewish citizens, who had committed no crime other then to be Jews in an Arab world gone mad with hatred for the Jewish State.


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