Sunday, April 13, 2003

"Over the past 18 months, since the Sbarro massacre, my wife Frimet and I
have grown increasingly appalled at the display of poor journalistic and
ethical values of a procession of reporters, photographers, journalists
and media analysts. Some of them have misreported on events about which we
had personal knowledge. Others have come to our home or invited us to
their studios and directly interviewed us -- and then did disgraceful
things with the material they collected. CNN and the Australian
Broadcasting Corporation are at the top of a depressingly long list.

"After a disclosure as broad-reaching and shocking as Eason Jordan's, why
would we trust anything that comes from CNN? By covering up these stories,
CNN helped the evil regime of Saddam Hussein remain in power, for no other
reason than sheer cowardice. CNN believed -- wrongly and reprehensibly --
that remaining in Baghdad was more important that reporting the truth.

"CNN and Eason Jordan are certainly not alone. From personal knowledge,
some of the biggest media names regularly, consistently tell lies and deny
it. This is especially true in relation to how they report on the
Palestinian Arab war of terror against our children. This continues until
today. It will go on until ordinary people like you and me speak out and
demand that it ends. Every one of us needs to consider carefully what we
can do. But doing something constructive is imperative."

This is a guy named Arnold Roth, whose daughter was killed by Palestinian war criminals in the Sbarro massacre in Jerusalem. I think this is a pretty damning idictment, and one with which I certainly agree on all major points. However, I question how much duress was really necessary to get CNN to essentially collaborate with the Hussein regime. I think a great many of their reporters embraced anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiments enough to ensure that Saddam probably didn't have to do much arm twisting to get them to see things his way.
As for solutions, there's only one: stop watching CNN. They now have no credibility as a news source and their collaboration with a neo-Fascist dictatorship is public knowledge. No thinking person could possibly regard them as being anything other than 24 hour eye candy.


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