Sunday, April 13, 2003

To make matters worse, many of these Jewish hard-liners - "Likudniks" in the current parlance - appear, at least from a distance, to be behaving in accordance with traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes. Much to the delight of genuine anti-Semites of the left and right, the idea of a new war to remove Saddam was partially conceived at the behest of Likud politician Benjamin Netanyahu in a document written expressly for him by Perle, Feith and others in 1996. Some, like Perle, apparently see the influence they wield as an opportunity to get rich. What's more, many of these same Jews joined Rumsfeld and Cheney in underselling the difficulty of the war, in what may have been a ruse designed to embroil America in a broad military conflagration that would help smite Israel's enemies. Did Perle, for instance, genuinely believe "support for Saddam, including within his military organization, will collapse at the first whiff of gunpowder"? Is Wolfowitz really so ignorant of history as to believe the Iraqis would welcome us as "their hoped-for liberators"?

---Eric Alterman, a Jew so self-hating he gives anti-semites a bad name, telling us all how the "Likudniks" (i.e. Jews who dare to be conservative Hawks) are feeding anti-semitism by acting like bad Jews. Can you say "Uncle Tom"? This guy and Chomsky should get together and write a book about how the Jews caused the Holocaust by saying mean things about Hitler. In all seriousness, Alterman is just one of the most visible products of a very disturbing phenomenon: Left wing Jewish anti-semitism. In other words, ultra-assimilated Jews who identify themselves far more with Left wing politics then with Judaism and because of this feel themselves enjoined to use their Jewish ancestry as a shield for spewing anti-semitic nonsense that their non-Jewish fellow travelers could never get away with. The sad truth is, an anti-semite with two Jewish parents is still an anti-semite.


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