Saturday, March 22, 2003

Ok, time for some shameless plugs:
AllsFair a great conservative show at a socialist radio station in Allston, MA. Yes, its real, I used to be the co-host. Check out their website here.
Aviv Gefen he sounds like a merger of Oasis and Bob Dylan with Hebrew lyrics. Israel's best rock singer by a country mile. I don't know if he's available in the States, but its well worth trying to find. (No, I didn't name this site after him, every other person in Israel is surnamed Gefen.)
Amos Oz Israel's greatest novelist. Shamelessly left-wing but not a lunatic or an anti-Israel/American bloviater. In fact, he's gotton in a lot of trouble from his fellow leftists for criticizing some of their more outrageous propaganda. If you want a good intro to the conplexities at work in this neck of the woods, check out his collection of articles In the Land of Israel.


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