Saturday, March 22, 2003

great article in by Melanie Phillips on left-wing anti-semitism. There's no question in my mind that the left is currently the repository of the most virulent and dangerous anti-semitism outside of the Moslem world that we've seen since Nazism. Its all the more dangerous because so many Jews cant even recognize it as anti-semitism, since we've all been trained to look for jack boots and swastikas and not peace signs and hemp underwear. There's the added twist that some of the leaders of it are Jews themselves. Its important to remember that this is not unusual. In most eras of history, anti-semites of Jewish ancestry were prominent ideologists and polemicists of anti-Jewish movements. The first time the Talmud was publicly burned the instigator was a Jew who had converted to Christianity and proclaimed the Talmud a work of Satan. Karl Marx, a racist as well as an anti-semite, was of Jewish ancestry as well. In the current movement, we have the fascinating phenomenon of Jews who, rather then being converts to another faith, are converts to radical political ideologies which have caused them to turn to racism as a means of rejecting their ancestry and or proving their loyalty to their new chosen faith. All very interesting and very, very scary.


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