Saturday, March 22, 2003

Haaretz, Israel's NY Times, has a big tendancy to shoot off its mouth. However, I think this scenario isn't unlikely, but the author seriously underestimates how much ground has been lost by anti-Israel nations in Europe like France and Germany. Blair basically got Bush to agree to the road map in order to avoid a French veto at the Security Council, a gambit which failed. After this war is done, there will be no need to appease France on anything to do with the Middle East (or anything else for that matter), France is finished as a world power. Marcus is obviously right about the need to start planning now for the day after, but there are strong voices emerging in the New Europe, and they are far more even handed in relation to Israel then France ever dreamed of being. He also doesn't mention the extent to which the Israeli public simply despises France, Germany, and Belgium, the anti-Israel European axis. They wont consent to any collaboration with them anytime in the near future.


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