Tuesday, March 25, 2003

"Just a little context on the opposition. Really, they are just a bunch of armed thugs. The only reason the Fedayeen is able to cause the trouble they are is because our troops are being so careful to not harm innocents. Understand, the Fedayeen's tactics are designed to take advantage of our superior morality. Saddam's evil will lose out, the clock is ticking."

On the terrorist-style units fighting against the coalition forces in Southern Iraq. I find this wonderfully ironic from a historical perspective. The terrorist groups who used to invade Israel in the '50s, kill a few people, and then scoot back over the border into Gaza or Jordan were also called fedayeen. The name means "self-sacrificers", since odds were good they would be killed during the operations. It means almost the same thing as shaheed, the Arabic term for suicide bombers. And we're already hearing rumors these groups may have learned their tactics from Al Queda. There's no place quite like the Middle East.


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