Monday, March 24, 2003

Everything here is as calm as can be expected. Everyone (including me) is still ignoring the orders to carry their gas masks around and people have stopped watching TV 24/7. Basically things are settling back to normal, which means, of course, infighting and political backstabbing. At the moment, everyone who wants to get in the news is savaging the Defense Minister for telling people to open their gas masks and thus waste millionsof shekels, etc...No one ever said democracy was pretty and Israeli democracy certainly isn't. Plus the Histadrut (Israel's biggest labor union, they used to run the country, now they just make a lot of noise) is threatening a strike, which is pretty much what the Histadrut does these days. Apparently they are deep in negotiations with Bibi Netanyahu over the new economic plan, which they feel does not take enough money away from people who work to give to people who dont. Plus ce change.