Monday, March 24, 2003

"Over the last few weeks, Mr. Beck, whose three-hour program is heard five days a week on more than 100 stations, has helped promote many similar demonstrations under the banner of Rally for America. Some have been financed by radio stations owned by his employer, Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest owner of radio stations, in an arrangement that has been criticized by those who contend that media companies should not engage in political advocacy."

The NY Times on the pro-war movement. What makes this hilarious of course, is that the Grey Lady has shown exactly zero interest in who is backing the anti-war movement and what their motivations and ideologies are. But suddenly, with the pro-war movement, it becomes a matter of the highest importance, in fact, over half the article is dedicated to this subject. The double-standard is absolutely spellbinding. The italics are mine, of course, since, with the exception of NPR, no media outlet engages in left-wing political advocacy with more oblivious vitriol then the NY Times.

--As an addendum, if your reading this in the states, get up get out and get involved in the pro-war movement now! If the last 24 hours haven't convinced you of the moral imperative to do so, the next 24 definately will.


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