Sunday, March 23, 2003

"Major Cate did not identify the detained soldier or suggest a motive, but military sources described him as a sergeant attached to an engineering unit, an American citizen, and a Muslim convert. He was found in a scud bunker when senior officers took a head count after the attack."

Fron the NY Times story, the italics are mine. Obviously, we shouldn't make too much out of this prematurely. and I dont mean to imply all Muslims are traitors, I actually think the organized extreme left is much more dangerous then anyone in the muslim community. But I have been saying for a long time that fifth column actions were going to be a much more serious problem this time around, and I don't think this is the end of it. Its going to get a lot worse, in my opinion. Unlike in previous wars, there are now very significant and well-funded social movements that are fundamentally anti-American and opposed to this war. They feared public reaction over Afghanistan, now they feel they have much greater freedom of action. I can see a couple of scenarios that I don't want to go into in detail, but it could get very bad on this front very soon.


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