Saturday, May 22, 2004

Demanding Justice. I'm sure you've heard about recent anti-semitic remarks by Democratic Senator Fritz Hollings, in which he claimed a Jewish cabal engineered the Iraq War purely for the benefit of Israel. With everything else going on, there hasn't been much done about it, and there should be. Its ridiculous that Trent Lott gets tossed out for what he said and Hollings gets away scot free. I wrote the following letter to the Senators from my home state, feel free to cut and paste if you want and send it to your Senators and congressmen. I think its important, the Democrats shouldn't get a free pass on anti-semitism.

Senator ________,

I am writing to express my outrage over recent anti-semitic remarks by Senator Fritz Hollings. Just as Trent Lott was forced to step down for praising segregation, so Senator Hollings ought to resign for his vicious and offensive remarks. This issue is of deep importance to me and could very well sway my vote in the next election. I ask that you demand that Senator Hollings resign as soon as possible.