Tuesday, May 18, 2004

And the French Loved It. No huge surprise, they have a fairly long history of collaborating with Nazism.

Another asinine puff-piece from the Times, this one of the "dissent is patriotic" variety. I have no patience for this self-indulgent garbage. Its nothing more than a desperate intellectual contortion from people too decadent to take responsibility for the implications of their politics. Moore is not a patriot, he is a vicious hater of the United States and everything it stands for. He attacked Bill Clinton with the same ferocity with which he is now assaulting Bush. His claim to stand for the common man is absurd. The "common man" in his films is regularly depicted as a stupid, easily manipulated couch potato incapable of understanding the reality Moore has come to reveal to him. Moore is a figure suffused not with patriotism but with contempt, contempt for all who do not genuflect before the High Church of Michael Moore.

I want to make it clear what I think is going one here. There is no question that the international Leftist elite understand quite well that what president Bush is doing right now is a massive threat to their cultural/political hegemony, and they are going to do anything, and I do mean anything, to bring him down. If Bush is reelected, I am certain that there will be physical violence. This is a much more disturbing problem than anyone wants to talk about, but it is, I think, what we are dealing with right now. Moore has become, quite clearly, the resident court jester of this elite, tickling their funnybones, indulging their contempt, reinforcing their prejudices. He is small fry, but he is also justifying, with his demonizations of Bush, their continuing efforts to destroy the president and bring an end to the War on Terror. Make no mistake, the goal here is absolute, abject, unconditional surrender to Islamic radicalism. It is sick and it is obscenely dangerous and it is happening right now. It is imperative that those of us who oppose this suicidal phenomenon stand up and speak out against it now. It doesn't matter where: demonstrations, letters to the editor, weblogs, anywhere and everywhere it is possible. The more our point of view is out in public the better. It is the only way to break through the cultural/hegemony of the international elite and save our country and civilization from collapse and annihilation.


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