Monday, May 17, 2004

Leftwing Neo-Nazi Propaganda Film Becomes Cause Celebre Due to Director's Lies. Leftwing Neo-Nazi racist Michael Moore's latest compilation of slanderous vomit gets an unsurprisingly wide-eyed puff piece in the NY Times. He continues spewing his blatently dishonest line about being censored by Disney corporate interests due to the astonishing "revelations" of his film. In fact, his movie is a patchwork of already discredited conspiracy theories that were floated after 9/11 by the likes of anti-semites Cynthia McKinney, Amiri Baraka, and other even less reputable figures. Moreover, Disney made clear before the film was made that they would not distribute it. I am constantly amazed (though I shouldn't be) at the way the mainstream media simply accepts the assertions of well-known distortionists like Moore instead of doing their own research and finding out what the truth is. Their capacity for critical thought simply collapses when faced with anyone who claims to be "dissenting" from the mainstream of American sentiment (from the Left, of course, Rightwing dissent is a horrifying threat to American democracy, unlike the regulatory empire of Ralph Nader or recklessly untrue hatchet jobs on the president in time of war). The truth is rather obvious here: Moore is making a movie which openly distorts the truth in order to make the president of the United States look not just bad, but evil. No one, not the Disney corporation, not me, and not anybody else, is obligated to fund or distribute obvious political propaganda with which they do not agree. That, also, is free speech. The right to choose not to advocate a position that is abhorrent to you. Mr. Moore's Nazi soul could never understand such a thing, in his meglomaniacal fantasy world he is the sole arbiter of truth, and anyone who dares to dissent from him is either corrupted or evil. The media, of course, is more than happy to oblige his ridiculous ego trip, since they essentially believe the same thing. They consider George Bush evil as well and consider it their moral duty to help bring him down. The fact that this violates every ethic and principle of their profession is irrelevant to them. In the throes of their own brand of fundamentalism, they believe they are in the service of a higher god.


Blogger Daniel said...

Right on brother. FIGHT THE POWER. I’m still pissed that lying piece of garbage won an Oscar.

Hey, I lost you email address . Send me an email.

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