Saturday, May 08, 2004

For Rummy. The surrender monkeys are sharpening their blades, so I fully recommend sending a message about our support for Rumsfeld and the job he's been doing, which in my opinion has been extraordinary. Feel free to cut and paste if you like:

Dear (president, senator, etc...)

I am writing to express my total and heartfelt support for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rumsfeld has fought two wars to defend the people of the United States and has done an extraordinary job of understanding the threat we now face and formulating a strategy to defeat it. Under no circumstances should he be forced to resign in order to satisfy the base desires of partisan demagogues and opprtunistic politicians. I am one of the majority of Americans who consider themselves lucky to have a man of his talent and resolve on their side in this troubled time.



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