Thursday, January 01, 2004

Oh, Why Not...

Against my better judgment, I present the following predictions for the coming year:

1. Either Howard Dean or Wesley Clark will be the Democratic nominee for president. Both will be destroyed but Dean by a substantially wider margin. Against Clark Bush wins by 55%, against Dean we are in second Reagan landslide territory.

2. Jesse Jackson will (finally) be indicted for tax evasion and fraud.

3. There will be a new Supreme Court justice and he/she will be disappointing.

4. The Israeli settlements of Netzarim and Migron, along with others, will be evacuated.

5. Yasser Arafat will die.

6. So will Noam Chomsky. (They will join Edward Said for cappucino and conversation in the Ninth Circle)

7. American forces will leave Iraq too early.

8. The deficit will continue to rise.

9. Leftist bias in academia will finally become an issue of public debate.

10. The Labor and Likud parties will form a National Unity government after the pro-settlement Right leaves government in protest.


11. I will finally get to see The Return of the King.