Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Treason Monkeys Beware

Yet the international Left cries in horror, "How dare those soldiers shoot one of these pro-terror vandals in his leg? So what if he was wearing a mask while valdalizing the fence? And how dare they injure one of the ISM provocateurs from overseas showing her support for terrorism? So what if she was using wire cutters at the time on the fence? So what if the crowd would have been mowed down with gunfire had they been trying to use wirecutters on, say, the fence of any U.S. military facility on earth? So what if the ISM people injured had signed a contract promising not even to enter the West Bank if allowed to disembark in Israel? So what if Israel's Police Minister described the 'protesters' as 'collaborators with terrorism,' and so what if parliament member Yuri Stern described them as 'barbaric criminals'?"

No, the international Left now demands an investigation -- of the Israelis! The Left wants to arrest all those who cheered the troops who fired at these "demonstrators," who suggested that the troops be awarded medals, who suggested an official commission of investigation be set up to see why only one hooligan was shot and charge them with incitement. And maybe libel.

But it is only the law-abiding who must play by the rules in the Left's universe. It is only the orderly, staving off attacks on innocent women and children -- on Western civilization itself -- who must be investigated, interrogated, harassed and forced to recant their ways. After all, if leftists had to obey laws, then how would they ever take power? Instead, they take it one chain-link at a time.

I think a valid point lies under the hyperbole here, namely that the Left ought to have to answer to the very rules it seeks to impose on its enemies. The anti-war movement in the US, for instance, was never adequately investigated by the media and its totalitarian, anti-semitic, anti-American leadership was never appropriately exposed. Its high time that situation began to change.


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