Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Treason Monkeys at the Wall. I don't know how much play this has been getting in the States, but its been leading the news over here. I imagine the anti-semitic Left is making hay over it at every major university which is to be expected, but I think it really underlines the childish nature of the Left today. These people simply haven't the slightest idea of what they're playing at. I saw the footage of the incident the other day and its very clear that these people weren't "protesting" at the wall, they were trying to tear it down, and quite violently too. The soldiers there were badly outnumbered and could not have stopped them without opening fire. Of course, this is also exactly what the Leftists there were after. They were trying to provoke a shooting incident and that's what they got. I don't understand why I ought to be sympathetic to someone who goes out spoiling for a fight and ends up finding one. This ridiculous whining after the fact is not only hypocritical, its infantile. These people aren't revolutionaries, they're pathetic, dysfunctional children. I also don't understand why its significant that an Israeli citizen was hit. He was engaging in a violent demonstration, his citizenship is irrelevant. I'm not even going to talk about an organization called "Anarchists Against the Wall" except to say that anyone who is an anarchist is, axiomatically, a traitor. The fundamental tenant of their ideology is overthrow of the existing government by violence, i.e. treason. Why they aren't all locked up already I don't know. All in all a sorry display. I understand Yossi Beilin is quite outraged, which is hardly surprising, he's been doing his fair share of whining lately as well.


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