Monday, September 08, 2003

Israel should lift the restrictions on the movement of Palestinians that constitute collective punishment and that they should be imposed only in relation to a specific security threat and as long as they are non-discriminatory.

I think its important to keep in mind that, even though their reports are written as if handed down from Mount Olympus, Amnesty International's reports are written by people. People who, I am guessing, have never fought in a war, never held political office, and certainly never organized an anti-terror operation or attempted to seal a small, diamond-shaped country's long and nearly indefensible borders. In other words, people who don't know what their talking about. They couldn't protect their dog from a suicide bomber if they wanted to. Thanks for the advice Amnesty, I'll put my faith in Ariel Sharon, I know you don't like him but he's got a slightly better track record in this department than you do.


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