Monday, September 08, 2003

If you're going to call the man a Nazi, show me the children with tattoos on their arms. Show me the stockpiles of emaciated corpses. Show me files cabinets full of memos detailing how Bush and Cheney plan on disposing of millions of dead American citizens killed with poisonous gas.

If you can't show me any of these things - and you can't - then stop calling the man a Nazi. Because when you say he's no different from Hitler, you are also saying that Hitler is no different from George Bush. And that means that Hitler's crimes were no worse than George Bush's "crimes." And whatever you think of what George Bush has done or might do, if you think any of it is the moral equivalent of the Holocaust, you are in effect saying the Holocaust really wasn't that bad.

This is the point I'm always trying to make to my Leftist friends about Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. In none of their books does Nazism come in for anything like the excoriation they inflict on the United States. And if the United States, which fought Hitler, is so extraordinarily evil, than their ideology is, ultimately, absolving Nazism. If their great enemy, their great Satan, is the US; then the enemy of their enemy must be, in some fashion, their friend. Its only a matter of time before the Left declares Hitler a misunderstood freedom fighter seeking self-determination for his people until he was brutally suppressed by the American and British imperialists who committed horrendous atrocities like Dresden in the process. As for the Jews, its too bad he didn't finish the job and stop them from creating a brutal, apartheid, imperialist state on Arab land.

Mark my words. Only a matter of time