Monday, September 08, 2003

Ahmed Qureia, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser
Arafat's nominee for prime minister, is highly
respected by the European Union and can count on
the 15-nation bloc's support for peacemaking, a
spokeswoman said Monday.

"He is a man who believes in
peace with Israel and he has
done a lot for that. Therefore
he will get all support from
the European Union," said
Cristina Gallach, spokeswoman
for EU foreign policy chief
Javier Solana.

And here comes the EU, once again dealing Arafat back into the game. Qureia is a real puppet this time, without even the slightest trace of independent power. Things are starting to heat up over here again, and the Europeans, as per usual, are doing everything in their power to fan the flames.


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