Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A student group at Rutgers University, no slouch in the destroy-Israel department, has snagged the third annual National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, to be held Oct. 10-12...

"Palestinian resistance in all its forms has been a very powerful tool of justice," said Kates, 23, a Rutgers law student. "All forms, from armed struggle to mass protest."

And does Israel have a right to exist?

"Israel is an apartheid, colonial settler state. I do not believe apartheid, colonial settler states have a right to exist."

The face of the neo-Nazi Left. If that's not a call for genocide I don't know what is. Click here to protest this vile and racist campaign.

If you live in New Jersey you can contact your Senators from here. You can reach the congressmen here. The conference will be recieving state funding and if you're not pissed about that there's ice water in your veins.


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