Friday, June 27, 2003

The U.N.'s two 50-year-old buildings in New York City are basically falling apart — decaying pipes and crumbling ceilings are now commonplace — and the U.N. is seeking an interest-free loan worth more than $1 billion to renovate its headquarters.

I see. So, not only are we bankrolling this decrepit bunch of backscratching, bribe-guzzling, Jew-hating, One-World Government loving neo-Nazi slimeballs, but now they want us to foot the bill to rebuild the buildings from which they scratch backs, guzzle bribes, slander the Jews, usurp sovereign power, and - lest we forget - do everything in their power to frustrate American foreign policy. I have a better idea. How about we give every last one of these diplomatically immunized kleptocrats 24 hours to get the hell out the country, then knock those buildings down and build the new headquarters of the Israel Bonds Committee on the site. We can invite Adolf - sorry "Kofi" - Annan to the dedication. See what good government can accomplish?


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