Sunday, June 08, 2003

To hold the Jews responsible for the aggression against them, as Judt does; to affirm the peaceful intentions of Arab terrorists, as Fein does; to transform American Jews who recently pimped for the PLO into paranoid hysterics of the Right, as Wieseltier does, is to disfigure political reality beyond recognition. Even if the Jews were the most rotten and misguided people on earth, they do not number 280 million in nationality (let alone one billion in religious affiliation); they have not organized their politics around the destruction of 21 Arab countries, or trained a generation of suicide bombers to achieve that goal; they have not used the United Nations as a medium for spreading a genocidal ideology around the globe, or their synagogues to preach “death to the Arabs!” Jews did not bomb America in the name of the Torah, or foment anti-Muslim sentiment throughout Europe.

From a very fascinating and disturbing article at the Harvard Israel Review. Damn I wish I wrote for them. Check this out:

But the very enormity of anti-Semitism—the fact that, in certain parts of the world, politicians and clerics turn abhorrence of Jews into an essential element of their reality—creates an inclination to turn away from it, if for no other reason than to retain the good will of the anti-Semites. Thus, in the name of maintaining “access,” do American journalists affirm the power of dictators to control our putatively free and open press.

Nailed it right there, didn't he? Its absolutely true, anti-semitism is as much a part of everyday reality in the Arab world as the sun rising and setting. It permeates the cultural life of every Arab nation, and they accuse Israel of being a racist state. In many ways, there is more anti-semitism at work in the world then ever before in history.


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