Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Moreover, there's that pesky, 50-count, 121-page indictment implicating the professor in a lengthy and elaborate terrorism conspiracy. At this point, it's increasingly difficult--if not impossible--to find anybody familiar with that indictment's details who's still prepared to call Sami Al-Arian a suitable candidate for continued tenure at an American university. USF faculty senate president Greg Paveza, previously a critic of his school's response to the controversy, now tells the Tampa Tribune that he's changed his mind: "There's enough information [in the grand jury's charges], along with what individual information the university had, to justify the university's decision to terminate him." In other words: Sami Al-Arian is probably guilty.

In other, other words: The AAUP has just "condemned" the University of South Florida for firing a man who's spent the last 10-plus years organizing suicide bombings out of his campus office.

A well deserved whack on the AAUP (American Association of leftwing neo-nazi University Professors) from the Weekly Standard. The profs are crying McCarthyism again, and, as was the case in the McCarthy era, they're defending a bunch of indefensible traitors from totally legitimate accusations. Well done boys, youre a real bunch of martyrs to democracy and free speech. Bastards.


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